• Wear your retainer at all times unless otherwise instructed, but remove it when eating and brushing your teeth.


  • The plastic taste will be gone quickly and your speech will be back to normal in a few days with the retainer in place.


  • Don't flip the retainer in and out of your mouth with your tongue because this could damage your teeth or the retainer.


  • Clean your retainer the same way you clean your teeth. Use toothpaste and cool water. Hot water damages retainers.


  • When not in the mouth, retainers should be in their case. Do not wrap it in a napkin or put it in your pocket.


  • Keep your retainers away from pets.


  • Bring your retainer to all orthodontic appointments.


  • If you lose or break your retainers, call immediately for an appointment so that we can repair or replace them as soon as possible.

Call our office for more details about our Retainers for Life Program!

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